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The Wandering Wine Bar

'Augustine & Francesco’ is a pop-up wine bar hosted at distinguished locations. 
It tells the story of wine via the experiences of two befriend monks.

With a range of well-thought-out 'flights’ and support materials, we offer a tasting that is fun, easy and an affordable way to get in contact with the most delicious wines. 

The Wandering Wine bar is aimed at those who are open to good conversation,  
who want to discover new wine and even want to learn a bit along the way.
Relaxed, informal and uncomplicated. 

Do you want to know where the Wandering Wine bar will open next?
Or are you interested in organising a tasting? 

Let us know.
Hope to see you soon!


The Story of Augstine & Francesco

Over the last decade, Bas Korpel and Diddo Velema have visited dozens of wineries, tasting a wide diversity of wines. It was during one of these trips a vineyard owner shared the story of Augustine and Francesco. 

Augustine was a French Cistercian monk, and Francesco, an Italian Franciscan monk. They lived in the 18th century and met during a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella. 

Whether by destiny or chance they discovered that aside from their religious faith, both men shared a remarkable faith in wine. The two became good friends and – with Augustine originating from France and Francesco from Italy – they enjoyed many heated discussions on wine and winemaking.

The two monks made countless 'pilgrimages' (wine trips) together, living life (responsibly) to the full. Their passion and never-ending wine disputes attracted many other wine enthusiasts along the way. As they travelled across Europe they infected everyone with their passion for wine.

Inspired by this story, Bas and Diddo want to share their wine experience.
One that travels around and inspires people, just like our two befriended monks.


'Augustine & Francesco' is hosted by Bas and Diddo. Their passion for inspiring stories, discovering new things, but most of all enjoying life, are the key ingredients of their annual wine trips. By car, motor, scooter, bicycle and even canoe, they visit vineyards and winemakers in various countries. It is now only logical after such adventures they combine forces to share their passion.

Bas Korpel (1978) graduated in 2004 from the School of International Hotel Management Leeuwarden. Followed up by the ‘Hallo© Academie’, he began his career as a copywriter in marketing. After a round-the-world trip in 2010 he decided to specialize in wine. In two years he graduated from the Wine Academy as an Oenologist. His goal since is to increase the knowledge level of wine and accomplishes this by organizing tastings, trainings, master classes and writing about wine for various wine related companies.

Diddo Velema (1977) graduated in 2001 as designer from the School of Arts, Utrecht.
The last twenty years he has successfully moved through the world of communication, design and art. As an art director he created and brought ideas to life for various international advertising agencies, brands and people. Besides his work in communication he is a passionate artist and teaches at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy. His goal is to bring the stories behind wine to life,
making it more accessable and fun for everyone to enjoy.  He is WSET3 certfied.

For inquiries, please feel free to contact us at: